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I am a writer, editor, teacher, mother, and grandmother. I bake, craft, sew, create products for my online store, run, bike and swim when I’m not teaching, grading essays, or making goo-goo faces at my grandchildren. My agent once said to me, “You could be really successful if you would concentrate on one thing.” I heard the same thing from my professors in graduate school, but my idea of success is embracing whatever comes along that inspires me. Yes, I could devote myself to finishing that novel, or I could bake wedding cakes, or I could learn to play the piano. My philosophy is that I’d rather do them all, even if it means I don’t become the best at any of them. It’s the process that matters. The title of my blog reflects how this phase of my life crept up on me (How could I be a grandma? I just finished grad school and am embarking on a new career! I am working on improving my 10k time! I don’t have any gray hairs!) but these new little people are my latest, greatest, happiest source of inspiration.  Bring on the burp cloths!

- Laura Torres

Visit LauraTorres.com for more about my career as an author.

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